Uncharted Books

A used bookstore, event space, and writer's haven in Chicago's Logan Square.

Monday-Friday 1-9
Saturday-Sunday 11-7

Buying books Thursday and Friday 2-6. 

Ramona hangs out with us at Uncharted Books on most days. Stop in and say hello!

Fluffy Facts:

  • Ramona's full name is Ramona Flowers Quimby Age 8 Adams McAdams McSwain. She also answers to Mona and Fluffy Butt Monster. She is the queen of the bookstore.
  • Ramona is a rescue dog from PAWS. They're great! She was about 8 months old when we adopted her in early 2012, and her shelter name was Charity, which is hilarious because she is made of trouble.
  • To our knowledge, Ramona's breed is Siberian husky, even though she's quite small and all white. She's full grown even though she looks like a puppy.
  • Like many huskies, Ramona often acts like a big, aloof cat and sleeps in her window all day. Feel free to pet her even if she's asleep; she's very gentle and doesn't mind adoration.
  • Ramona's favorite thing to eat is kale. She likes anything she can shred. If you bring food into the store, there's a good chance she'll follow you around and beg. Despite what she tries to make you think, she isn't actually starving, so please don't feed her people food. She's also pretty sneaky, so keep an eye on your leftovers and don't leave them laying around!
  • Ramona's second-favorite thing to eat is the heads off beautiful flowers. So, again, maybe don't leave those laying around.
  • Ramona lives with Uncharted Books' owner, Tanner, so she's generally at the store when he is. Though their schedules can change, she's more likely to be at the store Tuesday-Saturday and off-duty Sunday-Monday. Those hours are subject to change though!
  • Ramona loves to play with other dogs! Our store is dog-friendly so long as your dog is store-friendly. Feel free to bring in your well-behaved and leashed pooch. Please supervise your dog while in the store.
  • Ramona also loves kids! Seriously, there is nothing that makes her happier than smooching a toddler right on the face. To some kids, this is delightful, and to others, it is terrifying. Ramona is gentle and harmless, but she does like to make sure kids know she's here and available for playing, so she'll often bark and howl at them and sometimes jump. It's usually best to supervise kids' interactions with her the first few times they meet. Again, Ramona wouldn't hurt a fly, but she can be a little bit assertive with her affections/face-licks.
  • Ramona's official title is Director of Marketing.
  • Folks love to take Ramona's picture, and she loves to pose for the camera. If you're planning to post these pictures on social media, would you mind tagging Uncharted Books in them? Also, if you email your Ramona pictures to contact@unchartedbooks.com, you might find them posted on this very page!