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Loose Chicks

Our monthly all women reading, story-telling, and wise-cracking event. 
Featured Performers: 
Emma McMillan
Catherine Savage
Marianne Shaefer

Jillian Erickson and Roberta Miles cooked up Loose Chicks when they were doing an hour long romp through their zany but heartfelt life experiences. Their beginning, at a place called “Loose Leaf Tea Loft” was the seed of the name that stuck. Although the name “Loose Chicks” conjures up naughty images these women are as deep as the sky is blue. What distinguishes “Loose Chicks” from other live lit events is the fact that these women are monologists, performing dramatic soliloquys; to be or not to be…) Perhaps not as lofty as Will Shakespeare, the “Loose Chicks” have carved out a notch for themselves. They have expanded their musings to include a rotating cast of five women. Of which Jillian and Roberta are the quirky core.