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Human Communion: Complicated Vessel

Human Communion is an ongoing project that aims to build community support systems, and create unifying experiences that blend a creative therapeutic environment and safe expression of self.

The night will showcase art, performance, writing, music, activities, discussion, and whatever else people decide to bring to the table! 

For our 6th installment, the theme is "A Complicated Vessel." This will explore the connection between our bodies and minds, and the way we construct our "vessels" to reflect what's on the inside (or the complications of doing so). As always, other interpretations of the theme are very much encouraged.

Anthony Peregrine and Lauren Dyrek with be co-facilitating this event.

Ada Wolin
Alan Skalaski
Logan Mounts
Laura Hughes
Lauren Dyrek
Anthony Peregrine
Timothy McPherrin
Mary Murray
Kristen Lemke
Joey Agliata


PLEASE contact the organizers here if you would like to contribute in any way! Submissions will be taken until the day of!