Lohengrin. Theodore M. R. Von Keler, Emanuel Haldeman-Julius.


Haldeman-Julius Company, 1923. Pamphlet. Pocket Series No. 457. Back upper left corner is bent.
"Little Blue Books" which were published by his socialist Appeal to Reason press from 1919 till 1978. The blue books changed prices, appearance, and names several times over the decades, but they were (almost) always inexpensive blue 3.5x5" paperbacks covering intellectual subjects like literature, politics, religion, fine arts, history, and more. There were 2300 unique titles in the series and most are very collectible. If you are interested in purchasing Little Blue Books, we suggest perusing the rest of our catalog, which features several dozen Haldeman-Julius titles from the early 1920s in remarkable condition for a low price. Good. Item #126

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