The Red Network; A "Who's Who" and Handbook of Radicalism for Patriots. Elizabeth DILLING.

The Red Network; A "Who's Who" and Handbook of Radicalism for Patriots

1934. Hardcover. First page has a nameplate: "Ex Libris Roland H. Bradley" and is stamped twice: "R.H. Bradley" and "APR 9-1934". Light pen marks in pages 111-118 where previous owner bracketed and underlined several passages, mostly dealing with the ACLU.
Self-published in 1934, this rare 352-page title details the organizations and individuals the author views as pro-Communist, anti-American, and anti-Christian. The first half summarizes the many organizations and their perceived crimes, and the back half is simply a list of names, addresses, and personal information about the individuals she considers the worst offenders. Also included are several facsimiles of "damning" evidence proving the anti-American sentiments of the ACLU, various unions, etc.
The ACLU specifically takes the brunt of the author's ire, and we can infer was of particular interest to the book's previous owner. He has bracketed in pen several passages about the ACLU's "crimes" (such as "The American Civil Liberties Union is the 'respectable front' in the United States of America for the organized forces of revolution, lawlessness, sabotage, and murder."). Also tucked in the book (and included with this sale) is a page from what appears to be a March 1935 issue of The Open Forum, a newsletter of the ACLU, that mentions The Red Network. Also attached is a facsimile letter from the County of San Diego to the author thanking her for her book, pages 111-118 of which were used as evidence in a successful case against the ACLU. In this copy of the book itself, those pages 111-118 are the ones the owner has bracketed and underlined favorite passages.
The Red Network is a fascinating curiosity and primary source in American history, but the character added by the previous owner (Mr. Bradley, presumably) truly makes it a one-of-a-kind insight not only into the nation's mindset at the time of publication, but into one mind in particular who apparently found this reactionary propaganda to be a valuable resource. Very good. Item #20

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