Walk With Me; in Modern English (Tampco's version). Brother Julius Schacknow.

Walk With Me; in Modern English (Tampco's version)

TAMPCO, 1975. First Edition. Paperback. First edition, second printing. What appears at first to be a Christian evangelical retelling of the Gospels takes on a a bit more character when one knows the history of TAMPCO, the propaganda arm of a polygamist cult in Connecticut from the 1970s-1990s. The nameless cult (sometimes called the "Juliusites") was founded by Brother Julius Schacknow, who can be seen on the cover of this book reflected in the eye. Brother Julius was a self-proclaimed prophet, and later claimed to be the reincarnation of Jesus, and eventually God Himself. There are many anecdotes about the eccentric Brother Julius ranging from the amusing (his stationery letterhead read "FROM THE DESK OF THE LORD GOD") to the sinister (he was accused of sexual abuse involving minors, and his son Daniel Sweetman was convicted of 4 counts of child rape, all of whom were families in the cult).
In the early 1970s, Brother Julius attempted to reach out to a younger audience by forming a New Age folk band called The Anointed and dabbled in publishing and record production as The Anointed Music and Publishing Company, or "TAMPCO." This is a rare copy of one of the earliest TAMPCO books, written by Brother Julius (though his name does not appear in this book) in the voice of Jesus, featuring many uncanny pen illustrations by an unattributed artist. A supremely strange artifact from American cult history. Very good. Item #283

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