Item #30 The Loren Boys' Escape from Red China. Jean Bryars LOEWEN.

The Loren Boys' Escape from Red China

Cowman Publications, 1960. Pamphlet. This no-frills children's story is the tale of little Tim and Paul's quest to convert the evil Chinese Communists to American evangelical Christianity and capitalism. Both the text and cover art are extraordinarily racist, but are sadly an accurate representation of many Americans' views of Chinese culture at the time. This book was published by Cowman Publications, the imprint of famous missionary Lettie Cowman, and was released the same year as her death. Largely known for her best-selling devotional book Streams in the Desert, Cowman was also a co-founder of the Oriental Missionary Society, which claims to have brought the gospel to over 60 million (!) Japanese people. Later Cowman Publication titles, like this one, tended toward the extreme, anti-Communist right wing as opposed to the more spiritualist earlier titles. Very good. Item #30

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