Dead Men Don't Drink Vodka. Thomas E. Krupowicz.

Dead Men Don't Drink Vodka

Terk Books and Publishers, 1995. Paperback. A self-published oddity by retired Chicago police officer Thomas "Terk" Krupowicz, signed and personalized on the title page. Terk wrote and published several collections of noir thrillers and a non-fiction book on identifying fingerprints. Features several illustrations of ghosts who are excited to read Terk's latest book.
On a pricing note, you may notice that comparative copies of this book available online are priced in the $275+ range. This is due to auto-pricing bots artificially inflating the cost of a book that is indeed very rare, though not necessarily valuable. We feel that our price more accurately reflects this very curious book's value. Very good. Item #351
ISBN: 9781881690030

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