Join the

Uncharted Adventurers Club

Amitié, Égalité, Exaggerate”


Founded in 1918, the Uncharted Adventurers Club has provided resources and fellowship for enthusiasts of erudition, exploration, and embellishment the world over.


In honor of its impending centennial anniversary, the Uncharted Adventurers Club will shortly be opening applications for new members to the public for the very first time.


For a modest fee, Adventurers enjoy many perks of membership, including free books, discounts, and special access to the Club’s archives.


Applications will open shortly. In anticipation, prospective members are asked to create an account on this very website and sign up for the Uncharted Books email list.


Prospective members should gird themselves for a rigorous interview process!


We earnestly await your application.

Chilton, Club Steward