The Adventurers Club is temporarily closed until the COVID-19 crisis is resolved.


The Uncharted Adventurers Club

Hic Sunt Libris


For the first time in its storied history of Exploration and Critical Inquiry, the Uncharted Adventurers Club is accepting new members!

The modern incarnation of the Adventurers Club lies behind a secret bookcase door in Uncharted Books. Inducted members will have access to this Luxurious and Private space during the bookstore’s business hours. The space is ideally suited for Coworking, Studying, Reading Books, Writing Books, Playing Games of Leisure, and otherwise Seeking Enjoyment.

Honored Guests may purchase individual guest passes a la carte or enjoy the Robust Benefits of Membership.

Single 2-hour guest pass (1 credit) for $12

or 10 guest passes (which never expire) for $99

  • Each guest pass includes unlimited tea and coffee as well as standard guest wifi

Adventurers Club Membership for $99/month

  • Unlimited passes
  • Unlimited tea and coffee
  • Dedicated high speed wifi
  • Free admission to all Uncharted Books events
  • Additional benefits of a Secretive Nature


The Adventurers Club is also available to be booked for both public and private events. If you would like to book the Adventurers Club for a private meeting or event, the normal rate is $99/hour subject to availability. If you would like to book a public event such as a reading, please consult our Events page to view our booking options. In either case, feel free to contact if you have questions.

Additional photos of the Adventurers Club and some of our events can be found here.




What may I use the club room for?

Members and guests may use the club room for any non-disruptive activity they choose. Many of our members find the club to be an excellent coworking space. Others use the club as a quiet place to study, read, write, or work on art. Still others will bring clients and friends to socialize or play games. We like to think of the Adventurers Club as a peaceful, enriching alternative to loud coffee shops, stuffy coworking spaces, and bougie clubhouses. As long as you are behaving like a responsible adult, the club room is yours to do with what you wish.


Will membership always cost $99/month?

Unlikely! Consider this “beta” access to the Adventurers Club as we work out the kinks and decide on which features to add in the near future. Membership will always be significantly less expensive than purchasing individual passes.


May I bring kids?

Sometimes! The public events we hold in the evenings are all-ages, though we do charge a $5 admission per guest. However, club members use the space during the day to work, so membership and guest passes are only available to those 18 and older.


May I reserve a dedicated desk for coworking?

Whether you are a member or a guest, booking a reservation guarantees you a place to sit and work (or play) during your time slot. The individual seats are first come first serve, so you will not be guaranteed a specific seat.


May I tour the club before I subscribe?

Absolutely! The club is open to the public during our evening events (note: most events charge a $5 admission). You can also request a complimentary tour of the club during normal business hours. And of course, a single pass only costs $12 if you would like to spend some time in the club to see what all the fuss is about.


May I talk on my phone in the club room?

As long as you are considerate of other members! We have a private phone booth available for members who wish to make longer or more personal calls.


May I bring outside food or drinks?

Yes, as long as you clean up after yourself.


Are discounted student rates available?

Yes! Students age 18 and older with a valid student ID may qualify for a discounted membership. Please email or speak with a staff member to inquire.


I would like to request a feature or amenity be added to the club, or I am unsatisfied with a feature.

Thank you! Your feedback is critical, especially at these early stages. We will be adding and tweaking aspects of the club room and benefits of membership throughout the club’s lifespan based on the needs of its members. Please let us know what you would like to see in the future, and we will do our very best to be transparent about what changes are in the works.