About Us

Our store

Uncharted Books is an independent brick-and-mortar bookstore in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood. We sell a highly curated selection of used books, zines, and rare titles, with a focus on the literary, the local, the strange, and the adventurous.

We are a small, scrappy, DIY business that has been serving our community since 2012. We especially pride ourselves on our eclectic selection, our unique and cozy atmosphere, our knowledgeable and friendly staff, and our busy calendar of community events.

Uncharted Books purchases your books on Thursday and Friday afternoons from 2-6 pm. If you would like to stock your book, zine, or chapbook at Uncharted, please bring 3-5 copies during our regular business hours and we’ll set you up with a consignment account.

Shop our collection online

Our online store contains highlights from our collection of rare, antique, and unusual items. Just like the books in our brick-and-mortar location, we hand-select every item in our inventory and expand our list every week.

Additional information and photos are available upon request. Some but not all of our online catalog is available at our store, so if you would like to view a particular book in person, please inform us in advance.

If you're looking for a place to start with our catalog, try our featured books.

Meet the Staff

Tanner McSwain

Tanner is the owner and founder of Uncharted Books and the friendly face behind the counter on most days. He graduated from the University of North Carolina with honors in creative writing and religious studies and moved to Logan Square in 2008. He worked in Chicago publishing for several years before opening Uncharted Books in 2012. His fiction won the 2008 George B. Wynne Prize, was runner-up for the 2016 Bristol Short Story Prize, and was a finalist for the 2016 Glimmer Train Very Short Fiction Prize.

Dana Jerman

Born in the dawn of a western Pennsylvania spring to a Secretary and a Salesman and published on four continents, Dana Jerman occasionally hosts the Waiting4The Bus Collective open mic at Uncharted Books every third Monday of the month at 7pm. She has been with Team Uncharted for about two years now, and If you are looking for a recommendation, she is happy to assist! She is the author of several poetry titles available at the store as well as a frequent contributor to the op-ed blog LiterateApe.com. You can see more literature and photography on her personal blog updated monthly: BLASTFORTUNE.com.

Rivka Yeker

Rivka Yeker is a writer, a bookseller, and the co-founder and managing editor of Hooligan Magazine. They organize and host events, are a freelance publicist, and have an eclectic music taste that ranges from Carly Rae Jepsen to Black Metal. She loves to talk (mostly about film and media theory) and is always in a rush.