Now Offering Store Credit for Standard Books, Accepting Book Donations and Buying Rare/Antiquarian Books 

Rare or Antique Books

Looking to sell something special? We buy rare and antiquarian books, including large collections and estates. Please reach out to us by emailing and set up an appointment with Tanner to take a look at your rare books. 


Standard books

Standard books comprise 99% of all the books we sell at Uncharted. Paperbacks, hardcovers, and most vintage books fall under this category.

We’re happy to purchase your gently used books for store credit.

  • You may bring the books you'd like to sell during our regular hours, every day 11-7

  • We’ll go through your books one by one, then make a credit offer for the books, which you can accept or pass on

What kinds of books we’re looking for:

- very good and very weird books, literary and classic fiction, small press books, poetry, sci-fi and fantasy (esp newer books), leftist books (from politics and sociology to race studies), literary mysteries and thrillers, young adult books, cookbooks, contemporary fiction, non-textbook history, plays, politics, philosophy, occult, non-textbook science books, children’s books (hardcover preferred), memoir, manga, art & music books. If you aren’t sure whether or not your books fall into these categories, no worries! Since we’re offering store credit for used books, we’re happy to go through what you’ve brought and let you know what we are and aren’t able to make an offer on.

Books we aren't able to accept:

- textbooks, diet books, reference books, ACT SAT AP etc. prep books, bibles and devotional books, older self help and business books, Norton anthologies, older chick-lit and romance, computer manuals.

Donation Guidelines:

Yes, we can still take donations if you prefer! Thanks for thinking of us! Please bring donations in bags or boxes you're able to leave at the store any time during store hours. Please do not leave donations outside the store if we are closed.