The Uncharted Adventurers Club

Hic Sunt Libris


The Adventurer's Club at Uncharted Books is our rare book room and reading space. Located behind a secret door somewhere in the bookstore, the Adventurer's Club offers guests a place to escape the mundane and step into a more mysterious world. Here, guests may browse our special collections, sit and read in one of our comfortable leather chairs, or investigate some of our more, ahem, unsettling decor.

The Adventurer's Club is open to the public on most days, but may be temporarily unavailable for inscrutable reasons, including but not limited to "occult meetings," "seances," or "Tanner is eating lunch back there and wants to be left alone." If the door is shut and you are interested in visiting the Club, please inquire at the front desk to see if visitation is available. Uncharted Books does not recommend simply opening the door oneself and is not responsible for the fate of guests whose curiosity gets the better of them.

At the moment, the Adventurer's Club does not host public events. This may change in the future. If you would like to host a small, private event such as a book club or writer's group in the Adventurer's Club, please email to inquire about rates and availability.