Vegetarian Alcoholic Press: Reading: Swanberg, Pekarske, Smith, Harris

Tuesday, Dec 11, 2018 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

uncharted books

Headin south for the night to wreck your brains with words and soundscapes that keep on giving. Dig:

Mikey Swanberg holds an MFA from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, and is the author of the chapbook Zen and the art of Bicycle Delivery (Rabbit Catastrophe Press), his poems have appeared in the scores, hot metal bridge, tinderbox, breakwater review, and the wax paper. He is a recipient of the Jane Vance prize for poetry, and lives in Chicago.

Sam Pekarske was born / razed in Milwaukee and won’t shut up about it. Tends to a small graveyard of musical instruments and runs a few reading series on the side. No MFA, no PhD, no gods, no masters, xoxo.

Eli Smith is a composer and guitarist with a B.F.A. in Music Composition & Technology from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He primarily makes experimental/electro acoustic music; his pieces have variously employed degraded cassette tapes and broken tape recorders, digital sound manipulation processes that imitate biological processes, and field recordings, all in interaction with more traditional instruments. He is currently based on Milwaukee.

Kelsey Marie Harris is a poet in less than the traditional sense. Her work is often experimental, generally offensive, and usually foaming at the mouth. She reps the mid-west. Ask her why she loves Racine.