Midwinter Day Marathon

Saturday, Dec 22, 2018 2:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Uncharted Books
2620 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60647

Midwinter Day is a 120-page work in prose and poetry written on December 22, 1978, by Bernadette Mayer from notes, tapes, photographs, and memory. It divides the day into six parts: dreams, morning, noontime, afternoon, evening, and night. We will read the poem through in its entirety! All are welcome to participate and a sign-up sheet will be available or anyone can read any parts of the work spontaneously as a drop-in! A wonderful way to celebrate this wonderful work by one of our favorite poets and a wonderful way to celebrate winter in Chicago!

More info on other marathons here: https://midwinterday.tumblr.com/