A Craftsman’s Legacy -- A Conversation with Eric Gorges

A Craftsman’s Legacy -- A Conversation with Eric Gorges

Thursday, May 09, 2019 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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The host of Public Television's A Craftsman’s Legacy makes the case that the craftsman’s way‑‑the philosophy, the skills, and the mindset‑‑can provide a blueprint for all of us in our increasingly hurried, disposable world.


These days, in the name of technological progress, we have devalued and minimized the personal, the imperfect, and the handmade. We’ve become distant from the process of creating and shaping real things, which can even diminish our power to shape our own destinies. As a metal shaper, Eric Gorges has visited and learned from the fellow craftsmen he has profiled for his popular public television program. In this book he tells the stories and shares the collective wisdom of these modern‑day makers while also celebrating the culture of all craftsmen.


A Craftsman’s Legacy is filled with insights‑‑about the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of craftsmanship‑‑from calligraphers, bit and spur makers, potters, stone carvers, glassblowers, engravers, wood workers, and others. Gorges identifies shared values: take time to slow down and enjoy the process; embrace failure; know when to stop and when to push through; accept that perfection is an illusion. He extols the benefits of getting out of our comfort zone, the pleasure of making something lasting, and the importance of being in touch with the traditions of the past in order to carry those values into the future. Along the way, Gorges tells his own story about leaving the corporate world to focus on what he loves.


This is a book for makers, for seekers of all kinds, an exhilarating look into the heart and soul of craftsmen‑‑and how they can inspire us all.



Author Bio:

Eric Gorges has been the host of Public Television's A Craftsman's Legacy since it began in 2014.Before that he worked in the corporate world until a health crises caused him to reevaluate his life. He sought out one of the best metal shapers in the country and signed on as his apprentice. In 1999, he struck out on his own, opening the custom motorcycle shop, Voodoo Choppers, in Detroit, MI, where he lives today.